Ethische Werte & Standards

Ethische Werte & Standards

The Ethical Values and standards are a combination of communty, excellence, respect and integrity

The DSI Underground Spirit - Our ethical values as embodied in DSI Underground's Code of Business Conduct

DSI Underground is known all around the world as a strong business partner and supplier. Our customers like doing business with us. We deliver.
Our employees also tell us DSI Underground is a great place to work. We respect and trust each other. That helps us deliver.
The foundation of all this is our well deserved reputation for integrity, honesty and ethical conduct in our business relationships and our workplaces. We stay true to our values.

Our values are embodied in the DSI Underground Spirit, DSI Underground's Code of Conduct and Competition Policy.

Like DSI Underground, many companies now have codes of conduct or similar written standards. But to DSI Underground, ethical behaviour and integrity are more than just words on paper. The DSI Underground Spirit captures the essence of DSI Underground- it is who we are and who we want to be. It's a total commitment that involves everyone working in and for DSI Underground, in every country, every day.

It impacts everything we do. It means we conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour and within the laws that govern our business but also doing it in accordance with our own policies and procedures.

We have a zero tolerance policy for unethical conduct or breaches of the law. Our business partners and our employees are expected to report any suspected violation of the DSI Underground Spirit or the law or our other internal policies or procedures.

The DSI Underground reporting hotline/web reporting tools may be used for reporting suspected violations. Employees will not be subject to any retaliation or disciplinary action of any kind for reporting in good faith a concern or issue that may be a suspected breach of the law, the DSI Underground Spirit, or our other internal policies or procedures. Our business partners are also encouraged to do the same.

As the DSI Underground Spirit says...."Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere."

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