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Service, Accessories and Equipment

DYWIDAG-Systems International provides its customers with a large variety of ground control systems for Mining and Tunneling as well as with competent technical service, equipment and accessories for the installation and application of rock reinforcement and rock support elements.

Mining - Technical Service

A DSI team of experienced technicians and supervisors provides technical support as well as on-site product management. Our service team is available for general and product-specific questions in the following areas:

  • Design, testing, and evaluation of rock bolt systems
  • Self-Drilling reinforcement technology
  • Layout and optimization of lattice girder support
  • Pipe umbrella support and drainage drilling works
  • Accomplishment and monitoring of injection works
  • Testing of product usage properties

Mining - Accessories and Equipment

  • Rock Drilling Equipment
  • OMEGA-BOLT® High-Pressure Pump
  • Cement Grout
  • Injection Adapters and Flushing Heads
  • Mortar-Mixing Pump
  • Injection Flow-Pressure Meter
  • Cable Bolt Tensioner
  • Pull Testing Equipment
  • System Components Electric Pump
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