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LSC™ Elements

LSC™ Elements

Lining Stress Controllers (LSC™) have been developed as special supporting measure for highly squeezing rock mass conditions. The primary tunnel lining is divided into several segments by longitudinal construction joints. The purpose of this segmentation is the ability to absorb large deformations occurring during tunnel driving in weak ground.

LSC™ steel elements are installed into these deformation joints. The elements have defined workload during compression so the primary lining is not damaged. DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) has long-time experience in the application of LSC™ elements, which have been successfully used for many projects.

Fields of Application

  • Weak ground combined with high overburden
  • Fault zones (large displacements)
  • Swelling ground
  • Squeezing ground

Main Advantages

  • Maintenance of supporting forces and optimum utilization of the load-bearing capacity of the primary lining
  • Controlled stress release and deformability
  • Steady increase of support resistance while undergoing large deformations
  • Rapid increase of support resistance in slowly increasing deformations
  • Avoidance of excessive tunnel liner overstressing
  • Custom-specific adaption of the deformation characteristics of LSC™ Elements in accordance with project requirements
  • The most effective Lining Stress Controller currently used in Tunneling
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