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DYWI Inject Systems - Anchors and Rock Bolts
DYWI Inject Systems - Anchors and Rock Bolts

DYWI® Inject Systems - Anchors and Rock Bolts

DYWI® Inject SILO 8044 is a 2-component silicate resin with excellent adhesive properties that cures quickly and solidly. This system has been developed specifically as adhesive injection resin for anchoring cable bolts or applications in combination with the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System or GRP hollow bars.

The easy working principle, a 1:1 parts by volume mixing ratio, and extensive underground field testing characterize this injection resin and provide ideal prerequisites to fulfill requirements for application in underground mining.

Additionally, the non-foaming DYWI® Inject SILO 8044 can be used for injection works in foundation engineering as well as for filling boreholes or other small cavities.

Fields of Application

DYWI® Inject SILO 8044

  • Adhesive bonding medium for ground control systems
  • Injection of cable bolts and hollow bar bolts
  • Filling of boreholes or other small cavities
  • Stabilization of unconsolidated ground in foundation engineering
  • Sealing against water and gas

Main Advantages

DYWI® Inject SILO 8044

  • Proven system for application in underground mining
  • Very easy handling on-site due to light-weight design
  • Easy overhead installation of anchors and rock bolts
  • Cures quickly and solidly
  • Good adhesive properties
  • High ultimate strength and immediate load-bearing capacity after installation
  • High stability
  • Reacts even at low temperatures
  • Good chemical persistency
  • Ecologically inoffensive – CFC, halogen, and solvent-free
  • Suitable for drinking water areas
  • Optimized installation cycle times compared to cement grouted bolting operations
  • Compact, flexbible, and tough high pressure injection pump for underground application
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