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DYWI® Seal Waterproofing System
DYWI® Seal Waterproofing System

DYWI® Seal Waterproofing System

The DYWI® Seal Waterproofing System is a needle-punched non-woven impregnated membrane. The membrane structure comprises water absorbing and water swelling polymers.

An optional one-side polyethylene film on top of the needle-punched non-woven membrane and the self-healing properties of the DYWI® Seal Waterproofing System ensure optimum performance for various water sealing applications.

Fields of Application

  • Protection of structures against ground water
  • Permanent waterproofing of tunnels
  • Water sealing for groundwork operations
  • Waterproofing of excavation pits, dams, or for slope stabilization
  • Application in structural engineering: waterproofing of basements, garages, or flat roofs

Main Advantages

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Very easy handling on-site due to light-weight design
  • Trouble-free installation even during operation
  • Self-healing properties of the hydrophilic, water reactive polymers
  • Waterproofing safety even when the system is damaged during installation
  • Special welding equipment or specially trained personnel are not required
  • Safe solution for sealing shrinkage cracks and voids in concrete
  • Special formulations for salty water conditions available on request
  • Economic alternative to synthetic liners, bituminous products, and coatings
  • Environmentally sound waterproofing system
  • Innovative sealing technology
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