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DYWI® Seal Bentonite Mats

DYWI® Seal Bentonite Mats

Bentonite mats, also referred to as geosynthetic clay liners (GCL’s), are geosynthetic barriers used for various sealing and waterproofing applications in underground mining and civil engineering. DYWI® Seal Bentonite Mats are a composite consisting of two layers of geo-textiles filled with sodium bentonite.

The application range of DYWI® Seal Bentonite Mats comprises waterproofing, gas sealing, and usage as a vapor barrier. Bentonite mats are a proven and versatile sealing system that has been used in many construction projects around the world.

Fields of Application

Main Advantages

Geotechnics and Special Foundations

  • Sealing of storage tanks and reservoirs
  • Base and surface sealing of waste dumps, composting plants, or landfill caps
  • Waterproofing at dams and canals
  • Waterproofing applications around tunnel portals and building sites


  • Temporary sealing of overburden pile foundations
  • Sealing of heap leach pads and slurry ponds
  • Sealing of backfill headings and stopes
  • Permanent waterproofing in the lowest underground mining level
  • Rehabilitation works in abandoned mines
  • Easy handling and application
  • Bentonite sodium granulate features extraordinary swelling potential
  • High long-term shear strength
  • Resistant to chemicals, except saltwater and hydrochloric acid
  • Environmentally sound waterproofing system
  • Long-term field-proven sealing system
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