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DSI AT - GRP-Injection System
DSI AT - GRP-Injection System

AT - GRP-Injection System

The AT - GRP-Injection System is an AT-SYSTEM with glass fiber reinforced casing pipes (GRP) which is installed self-drilling. This system is mainly used when steel is not desired in the ground or where injection pipes are excavated by a TBM afterwards.

The injection pipes permit an insertion of any kind of ground influencing injection media into the ground. These injections may serve for ground improvement or waterproofing. The AT - GRP-Injection System can thus be both installed in jointed rock as well as in weak ground conditions.

Fields of Application

  • Ground improvement combined with mechanized Tunneling
  • Waterproofing measures near openings and excavations
  • Waterproofing measures in waterbearing fault zones

Main Advantages

  • Installation with standard drilling machines
  • Drilling works can be executed by standard personnel under the supervision of application engineers
  • Time-saving installation due to simultaneous drilling and tubing (self-drilling)
  • Installation using a preventer is possible
  • GRP pipe length may be adapted to the space available
  • GRP injection pipes can be cut and mucked out by a TBM cutting wheel
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