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DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System

DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System

The DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System is a self-drilling ground control solution used in Civil Engineering and Underground Construction. It features a wide range of applications such as soil nails, micropiles, rock bolts, or ground anchors. Installations in weak ground and under unstable borehole conditions represent no difficulty and are ideal for the application of the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System. Additionally, the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System may be used as a forepoling element for pre-support or as a lance for injection works. DYWIDAG-Systems International has a long-term experience in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System.

Fields of Application

Civil Engineering

  • Pile foundation
  • Buoyancy control
  • Slope and embankment stabilization
  • Reinforcement of excavation pits and retaining walls
  • Foundation of pylons and wind mills
  • Anchorage of avalanche protection structures and noise barriers
  • Injection works

Underground Mining and Tunneling

  • Stabilization of tunnel portals, trenches, and cut-and-cover areas
  • Forepoling
  • Face stabilization
  • Radial rock bolting
  • Foot piles
  • Roof and rib bolting
  • Injection works

Main Advantages

  • Fast and safe self-drilling installation
  • Easy and similar operating principle using standard personnel and on-site drilling machinery
  • Drilling, installation, and optional grouting in a single operational step
  • Proven installation process under difficult ground conditions
  • Trouble-free application under unstable borehole conditions
  • Sound and efficient alternative compared to time-consuming cased drilling installation methods and products
  • Minimization of ground disturbance
  • Adjustment of the drill bit design and diameter to different and varying ground conditions possible
  • Minor space requirements for installation
  • Functional adjustment of required lengths using couplings
  • Broad range of hollow bar load capacity classes allows basic dimensioning and adaptation of design
  • Robust system and high-strength thread designed for the demands of the construction industry
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