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POWER SET Selfdrilling Friction Bolt
POWER SET Selfdrilling Friction Bolt

POWER SET Self-Drilling Friction Bolt

The POWER SET Friction Bolt is a selfdrilling reinforcement element used for ground control in Mining and Tunneling. In addition, the POWER SET rock bolt system is deployed for rock fall and rock slide protection.

This patented one-step POWER SET rock bolt system stands for a safe and easy installation as well as immediate load-bearing capacity after installation. Another feature is the flexibility of the POWER SET Self-Drilling in regard to changing rock conditions.

Optional installation of an expansion element features additional mechanical anchorage up to the ultimate load of the friction bolt tube. A specially developed automation unit for six bolts per installation sequence allows safe and state-of-the-art rock bolt installation.

Fields of Application

Tunneling and Mining

  • Systematic reinforcement of underground excavations
  • Rock bolting in remote or areas that are difficult to access
  • Additional rock reinforcement
  • Face anchoring

Civil Engineering

  • Rock fall and rock slide protection
  • Anchorage of avalanche barriers

Main Advantages

  • Simultaneous drilling and installation
  • Installation using standard drilling machinery
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity after installation
  • Direct load transfer over the entire bolt length
  • Ability to maintain load-bearing capacity even when undergoing large deformations
  • High shear strength
  • Safe, easy, and fast installation procedure
  • Trouble-free application under unstable borehole conditions
  • No injection or grouting necessary
  • Ergonomic and safety-related advantages for the workforce
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