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Friction Stabilizers
Friction Stabilizers

Friction Stabilizers

Friction Stabilizers are mainly used for rock reinforcement in underground Mining. The shaft of the Friction Stabilizer consists of a metal strip which is folded to form a slotted tube. The bolt is installed into a borehole by applying impact energy. The borehole features a slightly smaller diameter than the outer diameter of the bolt tube.

The principle of this anchor system is based on the bond between the borehole and the tubular bolt shaft, caused by applying a force onto the borehole wall, which generates a frictional resistance in axial direction.

The main field of application of this rock bolt is underground metal ore or hard rock Mining. Recently, a self-drilling friction bolt system, the POWER-SET Self-Drilling Friction Bolt, has been developed in addition to conventional Friction Stabilizers.

Fields of Application

  • Systematic reinforcement of underground excavations
  • Rock bolting in hard rock mining
  • Additional reinforcement and utility bolting

Main Advantages

  • Easy and fast installation procedure
  • Both hand-held and fully automated installation are possible
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity after installation
  • Low sensitivity to rock mass displacements
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