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GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts
GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts

DYWIDAG GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts

GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts are used as an alternative to conventional ground control elements made of steel. Thanks to the rapid development of production technologies and a higher amount of mechanical excavation, GRP systems have gained importance in underground construction around the world.

Fields of application of GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts range from cuttable rock bolts for underground coal mining or ground control for mechanical excavations to injection lances or forepoling.

DYWIDAG-Systems International provides a diversified portfolio of GRP systems for various applications in Mining, Tunneling, and Civil Engineering which is completed by longtime experience in the production and application of GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts.

Fields of Application

  • Rock reinforcement and rock support in underground excavation
  • Mechanical excavations – TBM, roadheaders, and continuous miners
  • Cuttable ground control system for underground coal mining
  • Injection lance for DYWI® Inject Systems
  • Forepoling element
  • Tunnel portals and temporary rock reinforcement to be removed by excavators
  • Ground stabilization in special foundations

Main Advantages

  • Lightweight system ensures an easy application in challenging conditions
  • High tensile load-bearing capacity
  • Tough and durable, yet easy to cut using mechanical excavators or shearers
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Anti-static components – EX-proof system
  • Tough and resistant threadform adjusted to the demands in surface and underground construction
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