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Cable Bolts
Cable Bolts

DYWIDAG Cable Bolts for Mining

DYWIDAG Cable Bolts for Mining are used for temporary and semi-permanent rock reinforcement in underground Mining. Rock bolting with prestressing steel cable bolts combines low bolt weight with high load-bearing capacity. The system remains flexible even with larger cable bolt lengths.

Special DYWIDAG Mining Cable Bolts featuring a free length or a threaded anchorage instead of the default barrel and wedge system were developed for challenging ground control works. These bolts allow a tensioning of the system without tensioners.

Fields of Application

  • Ground control for different fields of application - from coal mining to hard rock mining
  • Bolting in limited space conditions
  • Reinforcement of roadways and gateways
  • Bolting in the hanging wall of longwall T-junctions

Main Advantages

  • Long cable bolts are easily displaceable in limited space
  • High load-bearing capacity at a low weight per meter
  • Flexible bolt lengths
  • Installation using cement cartridges, resin cartridges, cement grout or injection resin
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