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CT-Bolt™ Combination Rock Bolt
CT-Bolt™ Combination Rock Bolt

CT-Bolt™ Combination Rock Bolt

The CT-Bolt™ is a unique combination rock bolt system. It offers the combined advantages of an immediate point anchorage and subsequently a fully grouted rock bolt. A two-step installation procedure allows fast installation and immediate anchorage, separate and independent grouting provides flexibility in regard to working cycles.

Due to the controlled grouting procedure and different bar coatings available, the CT-Bolt™ is a reliable ground control system for underground applications. The working ability of the CT-Bolt™ has been proven throughout various underground construction projects; the system has become a standard in today’s state-of-the-art ground control procedures.

Fields of Application

  • Systematic permanent reinforcement of underground excavations
  • Ground support for areas with limited or no access during operational lifetime
  • Permanent roadways and excavations
  • Hydropower and underground oil or gas storage caverns
  • Sub-sea and sewer tunnels

Main Advantages

  • Efficient, practically proven, and reliable rock reinforcement system
  • Combination of an immediate point anchorage and a fully grouted rock bolt
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity after installation by the mechanical anchor
  • Fast installation and flexible postgrouting behind the working face
  • Double corrosion protection due to a polyethylene sleeve and grout coverage
  • Easy adjustment of the corrosion protection level to customer demands
  • Semi-automated or manual installation procedure



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