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DYNA Grip® Schrägseilsystem

DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System

Replaceability and Construction Cycles

DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System

1 - Cap

5 - Ring Nut

9 - Compression Plate

13 - Compaction Clamp

2 - Anchor Block

6 - Bearing Plate

10 - Strands

14 - HDPE Sheathing

3 - Wedges

7 - Sealing Plates

11 - Recess Pipe

15 - HDPE Sleeve

4 - Compression Tubes

8 - Spacer

12 - Vandalism Protection Pipe

16 - Dead Anchor

Replaceability of Strands

Fast Construction Cycles

As the PE-coating is pulled directly through the anchorage, an exchange of strands is possible at any time during the service life of the bridge without the need for renewing or replacing any other cable components.

  • Strand exchange is performed directly at the anchorages
  • There is no need to remove the cable’s outer stay pipe ⇒ no disruptions to traffic.
  • Lightweight equipment for strand installation and stressing operations is provided by DSI
  • The use of tower cranes or other lifting equipment can be limited to a minimum
  • Non-protruding recess pipes at the pylon ⇒ no additional formwork adjustment is required
  • No exact dismantling of the strand’s outer sheathing is necessary. In case of stressing actions that are additionally required, the strand sheathing is compressed by small tubes in front of the wedges while the strand is pulled through and elongated by the jack.
  • A compaction clamp, installed after stressing on the strand bundle, keeps the strand in a compact hexagonal pattern.

For more details, please have a look at the DYWIDAG Multistrand Stay Cable Systems brochure displayed in the download box in the left-hand menu of this page.

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