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DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System

DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System

Durability and Corrosion Protection



DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System

1 - Cap

5 - Ring Nut

9 - Compression Plate

13 - Compaction Clamp

2 - Anchor Block

6 - Bearing Plate

10 - Strands

14 - HDPE Sheathing

3 - Wedges

7 - Sealing Plates

11 - Recess Pipe

15 - HDPE Sleeve

4 - Compression Tubes

8 - Spacer

12 - Vandalism Protection Pipe

16 - Dead Anchor

Durability and high-quality Corrosion Protection

    Strands are guided into the anchorage by an elaborate system that ensures both leak tightness and smooth deviation:

  • Compressible sealing plates ensure water and even vacuum tightness
  • The correct function can be checked and even adjusted during inspection
  • Bending stresses are minimized by a filter that arranges a straight-line entering into the wedge gripping area
  • A cap including filler material for the protection of individual strands is placed in front
  • Corrosion protection resists corrosivity class C5 in accordance with ISO 12944

The anchorages have been designed for threading the strands including their PE-sheathing through the anchorage:

  • Dismantling of the strand’s PE-sheathing is minimized to what is absolutely necessary
  • The factory applied corrosion protection of the strands continues directly up to the wedges
  • Significant reduction of the length of anchorage area where interstices are filled with corrosion protection compound. Both high durability and cost savings in terms of additional filling material are guaranteed.

Free length:

  • The strands are protected by a multilayer system of galvanized wires and are tightly sheathed by HDPE. A wax filling is used for the interstices in between
  • An outer stay pipe made of UV-resistant HDPE additionally protects the strands and minimizes rain-wind induced vibrations with an outer helical fillet that provides a low drag coefficient

For more details, please have a look at the DYWIDAG Multistrand Stay Cable Systems brochure displayed in the download box in the left-hand menu of this page.

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