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DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System
DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System - ConTen Stressing

Stay Cable Systems

ConTen Stressing

The patented ConTen System uses a monojack that is hydraulically coupled with a control unit. The system is applicable both for DYNA Grip® and DYNA Bond® Stay Cable Systems.

  • Every single strand is stressed individually
  • A special calculation method – developed by DSI – determines the force for the first strand and the corresponding forces for all subsequent strands
  • This allows monitoring the stressing operation up to the required final cable force
  • Equal forces are achieved in all strands within one cable at the end of the stressing operation
  • Influences of temperature and load changes during stressing are automatically eliminated

For more details, please have a look at the DYWIDAG Multistrand Stay Cable Systems brochure displayed in the download box in the left-hand menu of this page.

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