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DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System
DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System - Cable Damping

Stay Cable Systems

Cable Damping

Slender supporting structures and long cable lengths make stay cables susceptible to vibrations. Big vibration amplitudes may result in damages to the cable due to bending and fatigue loads. This decreases a cable’s durability and may even endanger structural safety.

Depending on the respective cable parameters, each cable is more or less prone to vibration. Longer cables are more likely to vibrate than short ones. Nevertheless, cables with lengths above 200m have been installed without additional dampers without any vibration problems. On the other hand, even very short cables sometimes need dampers. By experience, DSI recommends to increase a cable’s inherent damping by using additional damping devices for cable lengths above 80m.



For more details, please have a look at the DYWIDAG Multistrand Stay Cable Systems brochure displayed in the download box in the left-hand menu of this page.

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