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Grand-Mère Generating Station, Canada
Grand-Mère Generating Station, Canada

DYWIDAG Prestressing Systems using Bars

Prestressing bars and technical data


Prestressing bars are hot-rolled, tempered from the rolling heat, stretched and annealed, with a circular cross section. Bars are made of prestressing steel Y 1050 H according to prEN 10138-4.

Threadbars and plain bars are available in mill lengths up 18 m and may be cut to specified lengths before shipment to the jobsite.

DYWIDAG Prestressing Systems using Bars - Threadbars


Threadbars are available in Ø 17.5, 26.5, 32, 36, 40 and 47 mm. Threadbars feature continuous hot-rolled ribs, thus providing a right-hand thread along the entire length. The threadbar can be cut anywhere and is threadable without further preparation. Threadbars are specified by nominal diameter and their specific WR, e.g. 26 WR.

DYWIDAG Prestressing Systems using Bars - Plain bars

Plain bars

Plain bars are available in Ø32 and 36 mm. Both ends of a plain bar, which is cut to suit individual project requirements, are provided with special cold-rolled threads. The thread lengths are manufactured in the shop according to project specifications. Plain bars are specified by nominal diameter and their specific WS, e.g. 32 WS.

Technical data

Designation18 WR26 WR32 WR36 WR40 WR47 WR32 WS36 WS
Nominal diameterds[mm]17.526.5323640473236
Cross section areaSn[mm2]2415528041018125717358041018
Nominal mass per metre 1
Characteristic breaking loadFm[kN]2555808451070132018208451070
Max. initial stressing force 2
Pm0,max = Sn x 0.8 x fp,k
Max. overstressing force 3
P0,max = Sn x 0.95 x fp0,1k

1 The nominal mass per metre includes 3.5% not load bearing portion of ribs.
2 The given values are maximum values according to Eurocode 2, i.e. min (k1xfpk, k2x fp0.1k) applies. The fulfillment of the stabilization criteria and the requirements for cracks width in the load transfer tests were verified at 0.8 x Fpk.

Fpk = Sn x fpk

Fp0.1k = Sn x fp0.1k

3 Overstressing is permitted if the force in the prestressing jack can be measured to an accuracy of ±5% of the final value of the prestressing force.

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