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Bonded Strand Post-Tensioning System, Spain, La Coruña: The Museum of Man

Bonded Strand Post-Tensioning System

System Description

DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems are renowned for reliability and performance, most suitable for all applications in post-tensioned construction. They embrace the whole spectrum from bridge construction and buildings, to civil applications, above and below ground.

The first ever structure built with a prototype DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System using Bars was the arch-bridge Alsleben (Germany) in 1927. From that time on DYWIDAG has continuously improved its systems to keep up with the growing demand of modern construction technology. In addition to the traditional post-tensioning system using bars, that is mainly geared towards geotechnical applications, building rehabilitation and strengthening, DSI offers a complete product line in strand post-tensioning (bonded, unbonded and external) as well as stay-cables being able to fully serve the post-tensioning construction. DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems have always combined highest safety and reliability standards with most economical efficiency in their research and development.

Dependable corrosion protection methods of the DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems contribute to the longevity of modern construction. High fatigue resistance is achieved with optimized material selection and cautious detailing of all the components especially in their system assembly.

We look back on many years of valuable experience in the field of post-tensioning which leads to our extremely versatile product range that offers economical solutions for practically any problem. This includes our highly developed, most sophisticated equipment which is easy to operate in all phases beginning with assembly, installa tion, stressing and finally grouting.

DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems are being deve loped and maintained by DYWIDAG-Systems International and are serviced and distributed by a worldwide network of subsidiaries. Our systems comply with the international specifications and recommendations (ASTM, AASHTO, BS, Eurocode, DIN, Austrian Code, SIA, FIP, fib, EOTA, etc.). The American construction market demands a product range that is described in separate brochures. The quality of the DSI products and services is in full compliance with ISO 9001.

DSI Scope:

  • consulting
  • design and shop-drawing engineering
  • manufacturing and supply
  • installation or training and/or supervision of installation
  • inspection and maintenance

Post-Tensioning System using Strand

Strands are made from 7 individual cold-drawn wires, 6 helically wound outer wires and one center wire (king wire). The mechanical properties of the strand as well as corrosion protection properties are most important to DSI.

For a maximum in corrosion protection we offer electrically isolated systems using polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) ducts.

 DSI Tendon Layout with Grouting System


D = draining  S = stressing  G = grouting  V = vent  C = coupling
P = post-grouting

For more detailed information, please have a look at the brochure “DYWIDAG Bonded Post-Tensioning Systems using Strands“ available in the download box on this page.

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