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Bonded Strand Post-Tensioning System - Grouting

Bonded Strand Post-Tensioning System


The durability of post-tensioned construction depends mainly on the success of the grouting operation. The hardened cement grout provides a bond between concrete and tendon as well as primary long-term corrosion protection for the prestressing steel.

DYWIDAG has developed a grouting operation that is based on thixotropic and highly plasticized grout and utilizes durable grouting equipment. Advanced methods such as pressure grouting, post-grouting and vacuum grouting are all results of many years of development.

Grouting is always done from a lowpoint of the tendon. This can be one of the anchorages, where a grout cap with grout hose is the port for the grout ,or along the tendon utilizing an intermediate grout saddle. All grouting components are threaded for easy, fast and positive connection.

DSI Bonded Strand Post-Tensioning System - Grouting

For more detailed information, please have a look at the brochure “DYWIDAG Bonded Post-Tensioning Systems using Strands“ available in the download box on this page.

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