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The GEWl® System – Connecting Reinforcement

GEWI® System – Connecting Reinforcement

GEWl® reinforcing steel is B500B steel in accordance with DIN 488 with rolled-on thread on both sides forming a special left-hand thread along the entire bar length. The GEWl® System serves for coupling and anchoring these threadbars and has proven itself countless times during the last decades as an excellent connecting reinforcement on challenging jobsites. There is no need for using overlap connections and overlapping joints: GEWl® threaded reinforcing steel bars can be coupled directly and axially using couplers. The couplers are designed for transferring the calculational ultimate bar load with a safety factor of over 1.15 – all connections and design states can be realized as full joints independent of whether tensile, compression or alternating loads prevail.


Especially in heavily reinforced structural elements in which distances between individual reinforcing bars can be a problem, the GEWl® System offers major advantages. Areas with double bar levels are no longer necessary and larger passageways for inserting vibrators and pouring the concrete mix are created so that the concrete quality is enhanced.


The GEWl® System also achieves excellent results in the end anchorage area: The anchor lengths of the reinforcing bars can be reduced to a minimum using anchor pieces and plate anchorages, which significantly decreases the amount of steel and concrete that is needed.


Thanks to the coarse and extremely robust GEWl® Thread, GEWl® Threadbars are perfectly suitable for on-site use and can even be screwed when extremely dirty – the same applies to GEWl® nuts.

The GEWl® System – Connecting Reinforcement

Fields of Application

  • Connecting reinforcement
  • Challenging coupling solutions
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction of power plants

Key Features

  • Threadbars with proven coarse GEWl® Thread that is suitable for on-site use – screwable even under extreme conditions
  • Thread along the entire length; lengths can be flexibly adjusted on site
  • Easy application – thread does not have to be cut on site
  • Sufficient coverage can be easily achieved
  • Only little space is required during installation
  • There is no increase in reinforcement ratio in the connection and anchorage zones
  • Approved by the building authorities

Thanks to excellent characteristics, the GEWl® Threadbar can be classified as a highly ductile bar (class B) in accordance with DIN 1045. It also fulfills all DIN EN 1992 (EC2) requirements.

GEWl® accessories cover all common solid construction connections and anchorage systems. The required equipment such as equipment for countering coupler connections and end anchorages is detailed in the equipment section.

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