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The FLIMU® System – Connecting Reinforcement

The FLIMU® System – Connecting Reinforcement

The extruded coupler splice – respectively, the FLIMU® system – has been developed especially for realizing reinforcing connections in large numbers or very limited space conditions.


When realizing a FLIMU® coupler splice, two reinforcing bars are connected by extruding a coupler that has been placed onto both ends of the reinforcing bars. A reducing ring is pushed over the coupler using a high amount of pressure. The reducing ring significantly reduces the exterior diameter of the coupler and creates a force fit connection between rebar and coupler (extrusion process).


Both B500 reinforcing steel with normal threads in accordance with DIN 488 and GEWl® reinforcing steel threadbar can be spliced using the FLIMU® system. This way, even reinforcing bars that have already been installed can be easily coupled to a GEWl® connecting bar. The FLIMU® system is also suitable for many similar reinforcing steel bars such as Austrian ARI and ARI-G.



The FLIMU® System – Connecting Reinforcement

Fields of Application

  • Connecting reinforcement
  • Challenging coupling solutions
  • Civil engineering

Key Features

  • Bars do not have to be screwed
  • Preliminary work at the bars is not required
  • High installation performance
  • Both threadbars and GEWl® reinforcing bars can be coupled
  • Space-saving installation – also for multilayer reinforcement
  • The complete equipment and installation aids are on stock
  • General building-authority approval for ∅ 12 to 32mm

Overview Extruders

The FLIMU® System – ExtrudersThe FLIMU® System – ExtrudersThe FLIMU® System – Extruders
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