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DYWIDAG Bar Systems are perfectly suitable for transferring tensile forces and can therefore be used as tie rods.
Applications: Sheet pile wall assembly in harbor and dam construction, cross-linkings, tying back walls in deadman structures, positional stability of joint connections, corner joints and foundations etc.

Due to the continuous GEWl® Thread, the bars can be cut, anchored, and coupled at any point and be adjusted to on-site requirements. This makes the system completely independent of installation conditions on site as well as of existing deviations or alterations.

Depending on requirements and steel grades, a variety of corrosion protection methods can be used.



1 - Exterior Connection

2 - Tie Rod

3 - Coupler

4 - Interior Connection

Fields of Application

  • Harbor / quay construction
  • Dam and ramp construction
  • Bracings
  • Tie rods
  • Tie backs
  • Positional stability

Key Features

  • The complete system features coarse GEWl® Thread that is suitable for on-site use
  • GEWI® and GEWI® Plus steel grades are insensitive to embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking
  • Various corrosion protection systems are applicable
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for anchoring and coupling
  • The system can be easily, quickly and safely adjusted to on-site conditions
  • No limitation of installation tolerances
  • Prestressing for deformation minimization
  • Weldable bars and accessories
  • Weight reduction of approx. 50% in comparison to S355 bars

Corrosion Protection Systems

Our Sales and Technical Services teams will gladly support you in choosing a suitable corrosion protection system.

  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) in accordance with EN1537
  • Shrinking with corrosion protection shrinking sleeves
  • Wrapping with corrosion protection grease tape
  • Epoxy-, PUR- or bitumen based coatings
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Spray galvanizing
  • Loss of section (sacrificial corrosion)

For more details, please have a look at the DYWIDAG Geotechnical Product Range brochure displayed in the download box in the left-hand menu of this page.

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