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DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchors

DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchors

DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchors are an actively tensioned ground anchor system and correspond to DIN 4125 and EN 1537 regulations. Due to the active tensioning, anticipated deformations of the system and deformations at the civil engineering measure are minimized or entirely eliminated. This applies both to temporary structures (e.g. temporary pit support systems) and permanent tie backs.

By definition, an anchor consists of three main components:

  • Bonded length: The anchor is fixed in the borehole using grout (cement mortar) and can transfer the forces to the load- bearing soil via bond and skin friction
  • Unbonded length: The bar is uncoupled from the borehole using a plain tube (sheathing) so that it can freely extend in the unbonded length. This way, tension can be applied to the anchor system
  • Anchor head: The anchor head transfers the anchor force to the substructure and thus to the structure that needs to be anchored

Once the grout has sufficiently hardened, the load bearing capacity of each anchor is tested during an approval test.

Bar Anchor Drawing

DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchor

1 - Anchor Head

4 - Tendon

2 - Supporting Structure

5 - Grout Body

3 - Structural Element

6 - Spacer

Fields of Application

  • Intra-urban construction
  • Excavations (deformation resistant)
  • Tiebacks
  • Rock and slope stabilization
  • Uplift control
  • Positional stability
  • Dam construction
  • Ascending anchors

Key Features

  • Threadbars with proven coarse GEWl® Thread that is suitable for on-site use along the entire length; lengths can be adjusted on site without any problems using the appropriate accessories and equipment
  • Various steel grades
    ■ High quality tensioning bars for a good force / borehole ratio
    ■ Robust, weldable GEWl® Bar
    GEWl® Plus Bars for highest wear
  • Variable anchor head and angle compensation designs
  • Easy handling: tensioning, retensioning or detensioning thanks to screwable anchorage
  • Easy overhead installation – for instance in cavern roofs – due to the high rigidity of the bar system

Anchor Head for Permanent Anchors

Anchor Head with Angle Compensation

DYWIDAG Threadbar Anchors - Anchor Head for Permanent AnchorsDYWIDAG Threadbar Anchors - Anchor Head with Angle Compensation
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