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DYWIDAG Soil Nails

DYWIDAG Soil Nails

DYWIDAG Soil Nailing is a passive system for stabilizing slopes and sidehill cuts or rock as well as for stabilizing construction pit walls if deformations are irrelevant.

The load-bearing system significantly differs from ground anchors (actively tensioned) and tensile piles. In the case of soil nailing, the load-bearing capacity of the complete soil is increased because it is consolidated by the soil nails.

The soil is nailed into secure areas of the slope located further inside the hill. Consequently, tensile and shear forces act on the nails. In order to achieve this effect, the nails can only be placed at certain, limited distances towards each other. The nails do not act individually, but as a complete nailing system.

Soil Nail

DYWIDAG Soil Nails

1 - Nail Head

4 - Spacer

2 - Face

5 - Cement Mortar

3 - Tendon


Fields of Application

  • Slope stabilization
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Excavations without special requirements
  • Rock stabilization
  • Fixation of rock fall mesh
  • Avalanche barriers
  • Fixation

Key Features

  • Threadbars with proven coarse GEWl® Thread that is suitable for on-site use – threadability even in extreme conditions
  • Thread along the entire length – lengths can be flexibly adjusted on site
  • Excellent force / borehole ratio
  • Various steel grades
    ■ Robust, weldable GEWI® Bar
    GEWI® Plus Bars for ultimate wear
  • For increasing skin friction, GEWl® and GEWl® Plus Piles can be equipped with a posterior grouting system
  • The system permits flexible adaptation to different embankment and slope face conditions
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