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DYWIDAG Equipment

DYWIDAG Equipment


DYWIDAG Jacks are characterized by their robustness and multiple applications.
Thanks to different interchange parts, the jacks can be adapted to different sizes of tendons. DYWIDAG Jacks are made of high-strength construction materials (steel and / or

aluminum alloy).

The sealing and slide faces are precision finished, surface hardened and hard chrome plated. The exterior of the equipment is chromed or galvanized for protection against atmospheric influence. Consequently, all prerequisites for a long service life are fulfilled.

DYWIDAG Equipment is characterized by its robust design and has proven itself for decades in rough on-site use. In our internal workshop, the equipment is assembled, regularly maintained, checked and repaired quickly and economically if needed. Our high standards with regards to material, manufacturing quality and practicable application always ensure the availability of appropriate equipment at the right place.

Key Features

  • Steel or aluminum design
  • Low prices
  • Extremely long-lasting in on-site use
  • Maximum loads up to 15,000kN

Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Hollow-Piston (CFRP) Cylinders are an optimum alternative to conventional hollow-piston cylinders made of aluminum and steel with weight savings of 60% and more. In most cases, tensioning work can be carried out by one to two workers without the need for lifting tools.
Despite their light weight design, Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders are robust and durable and are suitable for tensioning and testing anchors. Thanks to a large variety of different accessories, they can be universally used.

DYWIDAG Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders

Key Features

  • Low weight
  • Can be handled by a single person
  • No need for lifting tools
  • Fast application

Recommended Hydraulic Power Units

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