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DSI makes a difference. We are committed to
sustainability on all levels everywhere.

Sustainability as a Corporate Principle

For DSI, sustainability is finding the right balance between financial and economic
performance, social concerns and our environment.


DSI and the Environment

We at DSI care about the impact of our activities and products on the ecosystem, adopting a strict environmental policy in all our manufacturing and warehouse locations. Our products are designed for longevity and the lowest environmental impact achievable.

DSI and People

Our people are our core asset - they have made DSI what it is today. We have adopted strict health and safety policies in all of our sites and have implemented a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system to allow monitoring by top management.

DSI and Suppliers

For DSI, sustainable economic activity is an important driver of value and growth. Consequently, a careful selection of the best suppliers is especially important for DSI. Potential suppliers are chosen according to criteria such as quality, price and environmental consciousness on the one hand, and they have to meet social and ecological standards on the other hand. We establish long-term partnerships with companies that value sustainability as much as we do.

Sustainability in Production

DSI's products and systems are characterized by especially long life times. For DSI, active environmental protection starts at the very beginning – during the development and design of our products and systems. We act ecologically with minimal impact on resources as a matter of course.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Health & Safety measures are important core elements of our processes. Regular instructions in Health & Safety at all sites around the world raise our employees' awareness for safety and responsibility. Environmental protection is not just the issue of the day for DSI. DSI's aim is to not only meet international and national regulations, laws and directives on environmental protection, but to achieve considerably stricter limiting values.


Employees are a company's most important assets. Our dedicated employees, who all form part of the "DSI Family", are the basis for DSI's actions and economic success. We support and encourage our employees continuously so that they can develop their full potential.

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