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DSI Underground – Global leadership for products and systems for the Tunneling and Mining industries

When DSI first entered the market, the Company’s Underground division was concentrated in Australia. Today, thanks to its comprehensive product range and versatile system solutions, DSI is among the world’s leading system suppliers in both target markets and is represented in all of the world’s important mining regions and in all of the markets for challenging tunneling projects.

Underground ASEAN/APAC

DSI Underground ASEAN/APAC

All activities in the APAC region are coordinated from Australia, where DSI has been the absolute market leader for many years. Both the local headquarters and the largest production facility are located in Newscastle, NSW. A second major production plant is located in Perth to efficiently supply the Western Australian market.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd. (DSI) is Australia’s largest producer of specialized systems for stabilizing underground coal and metal mines. In addition, DSI maintains strong export activities into the entire Asian Pacific region. The foundation of PT DSI Indonesia was a logical result of DSI’s strategic growth.

The product range encompasses rock bolts and rock bolt accessories, W strap, mesh, anchor rods and drill bits, resin anchors as well as a comprehensive range of accessories.

In addition, the company offers a wide variety of mesh, always adapting its products to suit customers’ individual needs. DSI’s mesh products are used as recovery mat systems for recovering longwall equipment in preparation for relocation.

DSI also supplies high quality Tunneling products and systems throughout the Asia/Pacific region. The product range includes a wide variety of anchors, rock and ground support systems as well as field-proven AT systems such as the AT Casing System for the economic installation of tube spiles.

Underground EMEA

DSI Underground EMEA

DSI’s Underground activities in EMEA are focused on DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) headquartered in Pasching/Linz, Austria. Up to date production facilities with a high degree of automatization ensure the quality and just in time delivery of a wide range of products and systems for Tunneling and Mining.

The company’s willingness to invest in new technical developments manifests itself in a number of patented ALWAG Systems such as the technically refined AT-LSC Element.

AT Power Set Self-Drilling Friction Bolts and Spiles as well as AT-LSC Elements (Lining Stress Controllers), which offer support in squeezing rock mass conditions, are examples of innovative system solutions for Tunneling.


DSI is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a fully developed logistics system whose products and systems often exceed local norms and quality standards.

In line with its slogan "Local Presence - Global Competence" DSI always acts according to its customers’ and operators’ needs, offering them the advantages of a full range supplier with a product range that is adjusted to individual customer requirements.

Underground Americas

DSI Underground Americas

All activities related to Mining and Tunneling in North and Central America are concentrated at the company DSI Underground Systems Inc. All Mining activities for North and Central America are coordinated from the local headquarters in West Jordan, Utah.

DSI continually develops and optimizes new innovative products for Mining such as the ME- type San Juan cable truss coupler, a new bar-cable truss system especially developed in response to customer requirements. Thanks to the newly developed ME truss coupler, additional wedge barrels are no longer required. The key advantages of the system are its easy and safe installation due to the fact that fewer pieces are required to install the truss.

DSI Underground

DSI has also successfully established itself in Canada as the market leader in Mining and supplies reliable, high quality systems to its clients in Mining and Tunneling.

In South America, DSI has been successful in the Underground business for many years via DSI Chile, DSI Colombia, DSI Peru and DSI Underground Brasil.

All Tunneling activities in North and Central America are centrally coordinated and processed from DSI’s operations in Louisville, KY. Thanks to its global know how, DSI is one of the leading producers of Tunneling products and systems in the North and Central American market. One of the organization’s main competitive advantages is its range of customer specific system solutions. The Tunneling product range includes steel arches, liner plates for shaft construction both in wet and dry ground as well as special lattice girders that are characterized by their high form stability and load bearing capacity.

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