Stützmittel für den Tunnelbau – sicherer Vortrieb mit DSI Underground

Unsere hochwertigen Produkte und Systeme für den Tunnelbau liefern wir an Kunden weltweit, um die Untertagebau Industrie sicherer zu machen und Ihr Arbeitsumfeld zu verbessern. Sie benötigen eine effiziente Lösung aus einer Hand, die auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist? Sprechen Sie uns an: Wir richten unsere Produkte und Systeme auf Ihren Bedarf aus und bieten Ihnen Komplettlösungen für Ihre individuellen Anforderungen im Tunnelbau. Wir bieten ein vollständiges Produktsortiment an Ausbausystemen, das durch technischen Service und innovative Weiterentwicklungen kontinuierlich gestärkt wird. Von diesem Technologietransfer können Sie täglich profitieren.

Systemlösungen für den Tunnelbau – seit Jahrzehnten bewährt

Wir entwickeln, produzieren und liefern als Systemlieferant das komplette Produktprogramm an Ausbau- und Sicherungssystemen für den Tunnelbau. Unsere innovativen Produkte und Systeme genießen weltweit einen ausgezeichneten Ruf. Mit einer Vielzahl an Ankern, Felsbolzen, passiven Sicherungs- und Stützmitteln sowie dem bekannten und erprobten AT – Rohrschirmsystem setzen wir uns für die Sicherheit Ihres Tunnelprojekts ein. Wir sind nach ISO 9001 zertifiziert und verfügen über ausgereifte Logistikprozesse, die höchste Qualitätsstandards erfüllen.

We offer the following Services for Tunneling:

  • We design and develop technically sophisticated Tunneling Systems
  • We produce in house and ensure the availability of our systems and our special equipment – anytime and anywhere
  • We offer a wide product range of self-drilling ground support products
  • We guarantee punctual delivery
  • Our competent and experienced engineers working in our technical departments implement customized special solutions just in time
  • On demand, we will train your personnel or provide installation supervision
  • We offer technical planning with integrated customer support

Why we are different

DSI Underground is a leading system supplier of high quality Tunneling systems. Thanks to the high quality of our products and systems and to our reliable customer service, we enjoy an excellent reputation. As innovation leaders, we have been offering you a comprehensive product range of technically sophisticated solutions for decades. We actively promote technical developments and research projects. Global patent applications prove our leading position and form the corner stone of our successful work – to your advantage. We are your independent system supplier and your competent partner for Tunneling.

DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System – Stability in weak Ground

Does your project need to be completed as quickly as possible? As a self-drilling ground control system, our DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar is an efficient solution. Drilling, installation and optional grouting are carried out in a single operational step, thus saving a significant amount of time in comparison to conventional systems. Our hollow bar system is very flexible: The range of applications extends from soil nails to ground anchors and micropiles up to rock bolts and rock anchors. Are weak ground and unstable boreholes posing a problem for you? The DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System is an efficient and safe solution. In addition to the previously mentioned applications, the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System can also be used as a forepoling element for pre-support or as a lance for grouting work, thus ensuring more safety in your project.

Anchors and Rock Bolts – flexible Stabilization Underground

We offer a wide variety of anchors and rock bolts for Tunneling. The following products form part of our comprehensive range of anchors:

  • Mechanical Anchors, Resin and Rebar Rock Bolts
  • CT-Bolt Combination Rock Bolts
  • Friction Stabilizers
  • OMEGA-BOLT® Expandable Friction Bolts
  • POWER SET Self-Drilling Friction Bolts
  • GRP Anchors and Rock Bolts for high quality ground support in Tunneling

With these products, we can always provide you with the optimum solution for the individual requirements of your Tunneling project.


Pre-Support – proven Systems for Stability in Advancement

Is your tunneling project located in ground that is prone to subsidence, weak or jointed? We have the solution. Our AT – Pipe Umbrella System increases the stability in the working area by transferring loads in the longitudinal direction, thus offering more operational safety in the heading area. Furthermore, we offer you spiles and forepoling boards. With our universally usable systems, we are going to find the best technical solution for your project.

Drainage Drilling Systems – Time saving Ground Dewatering

We offer two efficient and safe drainage systems. Our AT – TUBESPILE Vacuum Lance is ideal for the temporary drainage of the ground near excavations and can be easily installed self-drilling. Our AT – Drainage System is available to you for deep reaching drainage. You can use this system both for drainage work parallel to tunnel advances and for water saturated slopes.

Passive Support – flexible Adaptation to the Excavation Geometry

Do you require a passive ground support method for immediate stabilization? Our variety of Lattice Girders, support profiles, rock bolt mats and straps can be flexibly adjusted to requirements on site. In highly converging rock mass conditions, Lining Stress Controllers (LSC) ensure controlled stress release. All of our systems have proven themselves in use for decades.

Injection and Waterproofing Systems – the Solution for pressing Water

To seal against water and consolidating loose rock in Tunneling, we offer you the DYWI® Inject Resin System. You can also use these systems extremely well for consolidating non cohesive soils and as a high quality injection product against hydraulic ground seepage. Our injection systems ensure the fast consolidation of fault zones in Tunneling at all times – for more safety in your project.

Accessories, Equipment and Service from a Single Source

We are a One Stop Shop provider. Of course, this also includes the matching high-quality accessories for all our products and systems as well as equipment for fast and easy installation. Our service team of experienced application engineers will be glad to support you with all general and product related questions regarding our ground support products.
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